Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Way of Marketing through search engines?

This article was heading, in particular entrepreneurs beginners in the world of the Web and who are trying to find new ways to market their products or their positions ... we will be talking here about the types of marketing through search engines Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and the difference between the methods or strategies.
If marketing through search engines or Search Engine Marketing - SEM mean?

Marketing through search engines is one of the most important marketing channels through the Internet, which is seeking to improve the appearance of the site and marketed in a page of search results or Search engines Engine Results Pages (SERPs). You can learn more about marketing by doing digital marketing courses in delhi from techstack.

"Site manager or investor, your pages appear on the first formalities or the first page of search engine results means more new visitors and therefore more profits, whether your site from advertising revenue or if your site is a shop on the web." 
In practice there are two types of marketing strategies through search engines

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

And called in the Arabic language search engine optimization and this strategy relies on natural appearing in search results or Organic Listings and occupies a natural appearance is usually the bulk of the results page and displays the results in a sequence based on the degree of correlation between the keyword entered by and web page that appear in the search result.
The Google algorithms to arrange web pages related to the word entered by key used for search results based on relevance and the degree of association with the word .

The second type of marketing channels through search engines is Pay Per Click Pay per Click (PPC) or also called payment for appearing Cost Per Click (CPC), and this strategy depends on the paid-up appearing Paid or Sponsored Listings and is a text ad top of the search results page and on the left (if you are using Google Arab), and usually Maidf declared on each click on the ad or for 1000 impressions in the results of last Seat.bmany and simplified page, asks declared the search engine to show his announcement when users search on certain keywords chosen by the user himself.

What are the pros and cons of the SEO strategy compared with the PPC?

Let me tell you that most Almsoukaan around the world believe in the effectiveness of marketing through search engines, whether the SEO or PPC, and it being simply a measurable and by that I mean the ability of the marketer to measure the yield of this marketing activity (ROI, Return on Investment)


Few of users who does not consider that the SEO strategy is one of the most important marketing strategies mails or Online Marketing
Of course ... and because of that most statistics indicate that 65% of the number of clicks in the search engine results pages go to the sites of natural appearing or Organic Listings, while only 35% of all clicks go to the text ads or Sponsored Adds

Most of the companies that rely on the Web to sell its products or services that are considered the most important SEO marketing channel for them and because of the lack of cost compared with other marketing channels Cal Affiliate Marketing & PCC. This is in addition to the sustainability of their usefulness, compared with the PPC, which are mainly dependent on the budget allocated to them, and of course, increases the cost of the PPC campaigns whenever it grew the size of the competition for the keywords targeted by advertisers

But for the negative aspects of the SEO compared with the PPC

The SEO strategy you need longer time to see results or reap the benefits if you can show off your site in the pages of Google results through PPC campaigns in less than 24 hours, once adopted by the ads service team in Goolge.

The SEO strategy needs to the greatest number of human resources ,while there did not need to help when you use the PPC strategy to ...
The constant change of the algorithms search engines may be one of the biggest risks ... and here I would like to mention a lot of companies that have invested thousands of dollars to agencies, e-marketing and the field of SEO to improve their ranking in search engine results pages and shortly after lost these companies arranged because of changing algorithms Google.